History of the Mi-Ki

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! The Mi-Ki has now been accepted by the UKC!

see link http://www.ukcdogs.com/Web.nsf/News/UKCAnnouncestheRecognition11242015101539AM

Where did the Mi-KI Originate?

Rare Beautiful dogs of Royal Design

Like many breeds, the history of it’s beginning is a bit vague,It is believed to have been made from seven breeds, and others say more, see below for interesting facts about the breed, but the fact remains that this is an awesome Pure Breed that has taken America and UK by storm, now is going all over the world. Also see my blog http://eleganttinypaws.blogspot.com/   then…

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The Mi-ki is a pure breed, NOT a designer/mixed breed!(to see what a designer/mixed dog is please see FAQ’S)

This is a made in the USA pure breed! I have included some links below, hope it helps, if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will gladly answer all of your questions!!!

Links to MI-KI Information For more history see. http://eleganttinypaws.blogspot.com/2011/12/where-did-mi-kis-come-from.html

The Mi-Ki has been accepted as a breed by the;

http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/dogs-101/videos/mi-ki/  Check this one out, click on it, then once there go down the breeds, click on the MI-KI and enjoy.

Rare breed Association
http://www.cdhpr.com/CDHPRWeb.nsf/WebPages/Enrolled. Then there is APRI, ACA, NCA, North American Kennel Club,MCOA, IABCA, UCI in Germany.

Reputable dog magazines:
Dog World, Dog Fancy, Dogs USA, and Puppies USA, as indicated on DogChannel.com: http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-breeds/dog-breed-profiles/mi-ki-dogs-dog-breed.aspx

The  “World Atlas of Dog Breeds”

6th Edition, by Dominique De Vito, released May 2009, Pages 580, 581, 930, and 934.

The Mi-Ki  has it’s own DNA marker so you are able to tell if you have a pure breed Mi-Ki, not a mixed breed but a purebred dog whose DNA profile is different enough from all other breeds that a DNA marker has been discovered for this rare canine, http://www.wisdompanel.com/breed_count_matters/mi-ki/   

Note: link to youtube video from Maureen herself, but due to some inconsistencies in her story, Donna Hall and her both took part in the Mi-Ki we know today, Maureen does not recognize the smooth coat, while Donna Hall does. See link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnvqZucFiTQ

Also it is said that Maureen made up the fact that the Mi-Ki began with two dogs brought back from China who’s breed was Won Chu Kow to make the breed more exotic and harder to duplicate.

I would like to note that this broad recognition indicates the Mi-Ki
has earned a specific pure breed status.

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Clubs for Mi-Kis

The very 1st club was built by Maureen in 1991, as The Greater Toy Mi-Ki club.
Mi-Kis were recognized by the States Kennel Club in 1995.
On January of 1996, 8 members from the Greater Toy Mi-Ki club founded the Mi-Ki Club of America (MCOA).
Donna Hall, that bred under the name of “Flyers” was president and bought all the dogs from Maureen. (note some dispute this, but none have proven otherwise).From there, other clubs emerged.

Note: we do not promote one over the other, they are:

MCOA= Mi-Ki Club of America
IMR=International Mi-Ki Registry
AMRA= American Registry Association
MBUSA= Mi-Ki Breeders USA
CMA= Continental Mi-Ki Association
AMC=American Mi-Ki club

The Mi-Kis Personality

The Mi-KI is a non-yappy, calm yet playful with cat like mannerisms, friendly, gentle, outgoing, social,
intelligent and extremely loving to people as well as other animals.

They make great therapy dogs. According to studies, it has been noticed that their activity level is low to

They make great pets for apartment living, need very little exercise and they bark very little, and not overly energetic which makes them great for the elderly, but playful enough for the entire family.

Note: as with any breed, every dog varies and once in a while, there will be dogs that might get excited and bark, we recommend that you continue the good manners education that we implement on your puppies from the beginning, in other words, obedience classes.


Size and care of Mi-Kis

The Mi-Ki range in size from 3 to 8 lbs, but the standard is 3-10 lbs (ours range from 3-8). They adapt to any lifestyle. Another outstanding feature is their long beautiful coats of hair, not fur. A metal comb is all you need once a week to keep them in condition, a bath once a month, so if you like the long coat no groomer needed for this breed.(unless you want to).