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Our puppies leave here oriented, and eager to learn.!! We hope you become part of our Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family!

Congratulations Donnette Hayes!!!

She stated that “Tootsie is now almost six mo old and just 3lbs. She is a loving addition to our family. We don’t know what we did before she came into our lives. She is smart, totally house trained to piddle pad. Tootsie is a tad spoiled, and sleeps with us every night. She loves the beach, but beware, if you bring your little one to the beach, remember waves can sweep them away, so keep a close eye on them! Tootsie loves to run and play and chase butterfly’s. She is constant company and goes to work with me everyday. She is great in the car also. What a joy, we live in a condo so having a dog that is quiet was a concern, she is so quiet and calm. A wonderful dog for condo living. Thank you for making us part of your family of Mi Ki’s”.
Donnette Hayes- Stuart Fl

Tootsie-186x180 Tootsie_now-137x195 Tootsie2-111x161

As a puppy & now

Congratulations Donnette, you are a great puppy parent and once again welcome to our Elegant Tiny paws Mi-Ki family! STUART, FL 2011.


Congratulations to Maria Ortiz and family, who stated:“I was not a dog person, but my son was, so I adopted Yoshi, and now he is my puppy, my baby, the best dog ever, already potty trained, LOL, and I’m now a new member of your
Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family”
Maria Ortiz , W.P.B. , FL 2011

Yoshi-204x171 Yoshi_boy-123x176  Yoshi_with_Brenda-266x194

Thank you and congratulations Maria, yes, you are now part of our Elegant Tiny Paws family! I’m happy for you!! You are now officially a DOG LOVER! 2011


Congratulations to Andrea Martlock who is Zephyr’s (NINJA) mom and states:” Zeph is doing very well,
he continues to be a sweet boy”.

Ninja_now_Zephyr-174x118 Ninja_now_Zephyr_at_two_years_old-173x139

Thank you, congratulations and welcome to the elegant Tiny Paws family.
Zephyrhills, FL 2013


From: Kathleen Jones in Ecuador
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 7:34 PM
To: ‘eleganttinypaws@aol.com’
Subject: RE: The puppies

She stated:
“They are absolutely beautiful little girls. Kimiko has those wonderful standup ears. And Kiyoko has winged ears. They both have lovely personalities and we fell in love with them on sight. They have blended right in and have adapted well. ”


Congratulations kathy, and once again, welcome to our Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family! ECUADOR 2012


Congratulations to our newest member of our Elegant Tiny Paws Family, MR & MRS. Von Heimburg who are now proud parents of Koji AKA Sammy in Naples, FL

This lovely couple lost their sweet Mi-Ki of 13 years Teddy. They loved the breed so much that they decided to adopt
Sammy (koji). They were in love with him She stated,” Sammy is wonderful, has not missed the pee pee pad at all, four people came to see him and loved him, I love him”

DSCF1864_3_-148x172 DSCF1560_3_-146x129

Thank you Mr and Mrs. Von Heimburg for giving Sammy a great home! Naples, FL 2015.


Congratulations to our newest member of our Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family Robert Forte and his wife whom he bought the puppy as a birthday gift, and are now proud parents of Yumi.



Robert stated,”He (Yumi) has a great Temperament”. I asked him, “Did your wife like him?” He responded, “No, LOL, She has not put him down yet!” LOL, Robert Forte, you almost got me :). Enjoy, and again,welcome to the Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family congratulations!!! W.P.B., FL 2013


Congratulations to Mr Mike and Mrs Rae Waters from Illinois who are our new members of our Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family and now own Mr. Cane (RYO) and Oakley (KEN).

She stated on FB: “I cannot explain the happiness we are experiencing. Mr. Cane and Oakley are the BEST, most well socialized puppies, And more adorable in person than in pictures. (hard to believe, right?) And they are puppy pad trained!! Brenda Reyes is a WONDERFUL breeder and forever friend! The puppy nanny was absolutely wonderful. A very sweet and loving lady! All in All a GREAT experience.”

Rae_s_daughter_in_sofa_with_boyz-106x135 DSCF0934_2_-201x159 DSCF0967_2_-216x179 Rae_and_Ken_and_Ryo_in_airport-108x157

Thank you, puppy parents like you make breeding worthwhile, the happiness they bring to you and yours, I’m blessed to have new friends for life like you. Again welcome to our Elegant Tiny Paws mi-Ki Family! ILLINOIS 2015


Congratulations to our new member of our Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family Kelly Winsky Lynch who is now the proud puppy parent of Katachi.

katachi_collage-289x289 DSCF1105_2_-229x199

Kelly states:
“He is adjusting so quickly. I’ve taken several videos and pics I just haven’t had a moment to send!! I’m sorry, we are so busy loving him we can’t get anything done!!”

LOl, Kelly, I’m so happy that you are busy loving him, that’s what I love to hear! Thanks for being a great mommy and welcome to our Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family. Kansas 2015


Congratulations to our new Elegant Tiny Paws Mi-Ki family, Mr Ron and Mrs Ann Harvey who are now proud puppy Parents of Lil Hana in Alabama!

LIL_Hana_with_grandaughter_of_Ann_Harvey-157x221 DSCF1176_2_-145x198lil-hana-collage-now

Mrs Harvey states:
“Hi Just got home from Vet.!! They were all in awe of her!! She got a good checkup.. She weighed 2lbs…We love her!!
” He [Mr Harvey] says she is the best puppy he has ever seen. The blanket made a difference. She slept well. Only up twice. We went to sleep about 8:30 and she was up at 11:30 and ate the rest of her food and did her job. She went back to sleep and got up again about 3:30. We played a while and she ate a couple of treats and went back to sleep until after six. I thought she did really well for first time. She is asleep now in her little bed right by me.”

Thank you Mr and Mrs Harvey and daughter Melony for being great puppy parents and once again, welcome to our Elegant Tiny paws Mi-Ki Family! ALABAMA 2015


Congratulations to our new Elegant Tiny Paws family, Lisa Watkins and Murray Monosoff who are now proud parents of Gizzy (Kimi Doll) in Hallandale, FL.

DSCF1860_3_-274x195 DSCF1710_2_-269x193

This lovely couple lost their long time friend, and Kimi will bring them lot’s of love and help ease their horrible loss. She said she is a very sweet girl and I’m in love with her!

Thank you Lisa and Murray, for being such great puppy parents. Hallandale, FL 2015

Congratulations to our new Elegant Tiny Paws family, DebbieLee Reed Kelly who is the proud parent of Frost, she states that he is absolutely gorgeous boy who brings joy to her life. North Carolina, 2016.

debbie-and-frostfrost-in-bed frost-on-floor debbie-and-frost-at-show bonsai-and-family-win-at-ice-show-3-20-2015

Well I’m very proud of you Debbie! You are an amazing show home, good luck in upcoming adventures, he already wowed judges, just like his daddy.


Congratulations to our new Elegant Tiny Paws family, Judi Langan Hines, proud fur mom to Bianca, she states that they love Bianca and has just become part of the family since she got there and brought lots of joy to their home. New Jersey, 2016.

bianca-10-weeks-old-5bianca-with-her-new-sis bianca-in-judis-house bianca-love


Congratulations to our new Elegant Tiny Paws family, Frank & Sheila Briggs, he states ”

hi Brenda,
just checking in. our boy is 8 months old now and we cant imagine our life without him. he’s such a kind, curious soul and the cutest little baby! since he comes to the store Friday or Saturday nights with us to greet customers (and loves it!), a lot of people get to see and adore him and we have given out your information to many who fell in love with him. don’t know if you have received any serious inquires. anyway just wanted to keep you up to date with storm. if you want to see his pictures, we have an Instagram page set up for him (by popular demand!): Instagram.com/studmuffinstorm
lots of love
shila & frank”